Briarcliff Storage Units can Help Oak Ridge Residents

Published on 9/16/2022

Here’s How Briarcliff Storage Units can Help Oak Ridge Residents

Oak Ridge, home to Tennessee Oak Ridge National Laboratories and Y-12 National Security Complex, Oak Ridge is definitely a great place to live, one that attracts plenty of new residents due to an exceptional schooling and education. As in many other dynamic cities with a permanent influx of new residents, self storage in Oak Ridge has an important role in helping people move – and other life events such as downsizing, renovating or even growing a business.

Check out why Oak Ridge’s residents should use self storage:

1. To turn moving into a less-stressful event 

Oak Ridge now has around 29K permanent residents. Whether you’re relocating to Oak Ridge from a different city or you’re simply trading your home here for a better one, self storage can help make the transition easier. Renting a self storage unit located close to your new home allows you to gradually pack and transport (or ship) your belongings, starting, of course, with those items that you don’t use on a daily basis. This makes both the packing process and moving day less stressful. Also, you can leave various belongings, such as furniture or appliances, in storage if you are doing remodeling work in your new home. It’s a lot easier to get the job done while the home is still almost empty, as opposed to having to work around furniture or boxes.

2. To protect valuable items 

Things like antique furniture, artwork, collectibles, electronics, and so on, require proper storage space, where environmental factors such as excessive heat, temperature variations, direct sunlight, and so on cannot take their toll. Most collectors can hardly spare the space at home to ensure that their valuable items benefit from the right storage conditions. With the weather in Oak Ridge usually very hot during summer, spaces such as the attic or the garage are definitely not a good solution for storing valuable and fragile belongings. So, if you’re a collector of antiques, books, artwork, and so on, your best bet is to rent a climate-controlled self storage unit in Oak Ridge. These types of units ensure constant temperature and humidity, regardless of the outside weather, and your precious belongings will also be protected from direct sunlight.

3. To help with business-related storage units

Many businesses, particularly small companies, deal with the need for extra storage space, as oftentimes they rent small offices or are running out of the living rooms or garages of their owners. From accounting businesses to contractors to artisans creating and selling their products, many entrepreneurs are looking for safe and affordable storage space. Renting a self storage unit allows such businesses to safely keep their documents, tools, or materials in a convenient location. Briarcliff Storage Units has the easiest access to climate controlled storage units throughout Oak Ridge, so it won’t be difficult to move into your storage unit, no waiting around for elevators.  Our storage units are convenient  and  close to residents and places of business.

We hope this gave you some help with considering using storage units in Oak Ridge, TN at Briarcliff Storage😀

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