Self Storage Units, Ease the Stress of Moving

Published on 7/26/2022


You’ve waited a long time to build your dream home, and you’re finally able to watch your vision come to life. You’re busy choosing finishes and flooring, paint colors and wall coverings, and a host of other accessories to make this house a home. As you watch the lumber, bricks, and siding take shape, you’re visualizing the memories you’ll make and the family traditions you’ll begin. Needless to say, as you’re losing yourself in daydreams, reality hits.

You have to sell your current home, find a place to keep your furniture and other belongings, schedule the movers, and the list goes on forever. You need a solution to help with all of this chaos. You need a convenient, safe, and affordable self storage unit for your furniture, appliances, and a plethora of other household items that you can’t even remember right now.

BRIARCLIFF STORAGE can help you find exactly the size and type of unit that you need. They can recommend moving companies, help you choose the correct moving and packing supplies, and keep your belongings well-protected in a secure, climate-controlled self storage unit.

If you’re still not sure about leasing a self storage unit to help get you through this overwhelming process, we have a few suggestions to help you make that decision.

Self Storage Helps
Get Your Home Ready for Potential Buyers

In most cases, you need to sell your current home prior to making the move to your new house. It’s easier to sell your home if you’re able to stage it to appeal to potential buyers. Self storage gives you a place to minimize the clutter without disposing of it.

  • Clean the garage. Your buyers don’t want to see your vehicles, random law-care equipment, BBQ grills, and holiday decorations. They’re interested in calculating the amount of space available for their own items.
  • Clear the shelves. Bookshelves, kitchen and bathroom shelves, closets shelves, and any other shelving should be clear of clutter so that potential buyers can picture their own items settled there.
  • Stow the furniture. Move the large cumbersome pieces into your storage unit until your new home is ready. Buyers are better able to imagine their own items in a space that is less crowded.

Don’t Stress Over Construction Delays

Whether it’s a kitchen remodel or a new roof, most people have been subject to at least one construction delay. These setbacks are typically nothing more than a minor headache. In the case of moving out of your old home and into your custom home, however, these setbacks can create a major problem. There are instances when you can negotiate a later closing date, but that doesn’t always work. Both parties have time constraints and financial, weather, and permit delays can hold up the construction process.

The good news is that you have a self storage unit. You can close on schedule, stay with family or in a hotel, and have your belongings moved to storage until your new home is finished. If you’ve been gradually stashing your items in self storage throughout the selling process, you’re ahead of the game.

Purchase Items for Your New Home

You’re going to have a large window of time from when you sign the construction contract to closing day. Within that time you’re going to be shopping for appliances, furniture, and accessories for your new home. Instead of having them delivered to your current home, just have them delivered to your storage unit. With all of that extra space, you can get whatever you need.

Reduce Stress

There is nothing that will totally eliminate stress during this situation. During a construction project, you will always be confronted with delays and missteps. Having a place to safely store your personal belongings will reduce some of your stress, by providing you with a safe, secure climate-controlled environment. You’ll be able to focus on what matters most – looking forward to the fun and excitement of moving into your dream home.