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Published on 8/25/2022

Self storage vs. at-home storage of old electronics

It is completely normal to be reluctant to throw out old tech and devices we no longer use on a daily basis. However, it is a pity to leave them lying around the house where they could possibly get damaged. As a result, it is vital to know how to properly take care of old tech, whether you’re looking to keep it or eventually to sell it.


Regardless of how big or small your home is, you should try to find a specially designated spot for old gadgets. Don’t leave them lying around at random since it’s very easy to forget about them or accidentally damage them. Whether we’re talking about phones, iPods, blenders, toasters or PlayStations, find a specific cool and dry corner of your home that you can dedicate, exclusively, to these items that you no longer use. Some of the worst enemies for old electronics are direct sunlight, heat, moisture and dust, so you’ll want to protect your items from these environmental hazards.


Consequently, if you care deeply about your tech, if you don’t have enough space for it at home or you are collecting significantly large gadgets, you should consider renting a self storage unit. Particularly with a climate-controlled space, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your tech is safe from the environment and secure from accidental damage. Depending on how much stuff you need to get out of your house and into your safe storage space, a 5’x10’ unit may be large enough. Or, you may find the standard and most commonly-used 10’x10’ storage unit is an even better choice.


This is not to say that storing electronics at home is not feasible. Sure it is, it just takes some effort. If you’re willing to do some work, then make sure you organize your devices and separate them according to certain categories. Secondly, you should remove all batteries (since some tend to leak out corrosive substances) and take time to clean dirt and dust off your tech before packing it. Don’t overlook the fact that electronics may also contain important data, and it is essential for you to ensure that your data is secure before storing it away.

Plugged accessories and parts are an integral part of electronics and should not be overlooked. If you can, try to assemble the gadget, along with the separated pieces in its original box. If you’ve thrown out the box, try to firmly separate the main unit from essential accessories and add-ons or attachments. Moreover, monitors and screens should be properly covered, as they are especially prone to cracking and breaking, so cotton cloth, canvas, cardboard and bubble wrap are essential supplies. As dust and pests can cause considerable damage, it is also important to cover any gaps and cooling vents – sealing these points with tape is a common and efficient solution. Storing location comes first – opt for a cool and dry place around the house and make sure the designated spot is not prone to heat and high humidity.

We hope this gave you some help with considering using storage units in Oak Ridge, TN at Briarcliff Storage😀

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