Moving to Oak Ridge, TN? Think Storage units

Published on 7/26/2022

Moving to Oak Ridge, TN? Local Storage Units in Oak Ridge, TN

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Oak Ridge, Tennessee was home to several massive Manhattan Project facilities. The rolling hills and narrow valleys of East Tennessee proved to be the ideal location for the top-secret atomic weapons program developed here beginning in 1942.
I wanted to highlight the Upper Cumberland here in Tennessee! In addition to the southern hospitality here in Tennessee, we also get to brag about our beautiful state parks! We have 8 state parks, 3 state natural areas, 2 state scenic rivers and 4 state forests here in the Cumberland Plateau! There truly is a lot of beauty here. Most of these state parks offer hiking trails, swimming holes, waterfalls, fishing, caves, kayaking and canoeing, picnic areas and camping! If you enjoy nature, there is no better place to be!

If you decide to plant roots here in Oak Ridge, TN, there is good news for you. Buying a home here is a lot easier than in many other cities. In fact, Oak Ridge is a great city to make savings for a down payment on your new home. Just remember that moving into a new home can be exciting but stressful at the same time. You can always turn to  Briarcliff Storage to help you with this transition. Besides assisting you with the move, renting a storage unit in Oak Ridge, TN can be quite useful after you get settled into your new home – your seasonal and bulky items can stay in your storage unit until you use them again.

To help guide your move to Oak Ridge, TN, here are some local neighborhood streets to consider:

Briarcliff Avenue Oak Ridge, TN
Crossroads Blvd Oak Ridge, TN
Wolf Creek Way Oak Ridge, TN
Hendrix Drive Oak Ridge, TN
Emory Valley Rd Oak Ridge, TN
Stone Bridge Way Oak Ridge, TN
Baypath Dr Oak Ridge, TN
Cumberland View Dr Oak Ridge, TN
Amanda Dr Oak Ridge, TN
Melton Lake Dr Oak Ridge, TN
Palisades Pkwy Oak Ridge, TN
Rivers Run Blvd Oak Ridge, TN
Rolling Links Blvd Oak Ridge, TN
Rockbridge Greens Blvd Oak Ridge, TN
Edgemoor Rd Oak Ridge, TN

We hope this gave you some streets to drive through near Briarcliff Storage and around east Oak Ridge, TN!