When Can I Use a 10’x10’ Storage Unit in Oak Ridge, TN

Published on 1/12/2023

When Can I Use a 10’x10’ Storage Unit in Oak Ridge, TN


With the number of renter households on the rise in the last decade – a population category using self storage frequently due smaller living space – self storage has become a popular option for people who need more space, whether they’re moving, downsizing or living with the extended family, among other frequent reasons why people turn to this service temporarily or long-term. About one in three Americans will use self storage at some point — for their homes, businesses, and recreational activities.

One of the most popular storage unit sizes is 10’x10’, which can accommodate a 2 bedroom apartment. With 100 square feet of floor space and 800 cubic feet overall, if there are eight-foot ceilings, this size is suitable for many situations. Let’s take a look at some of those scenarios;


Extra storage for the home

Whether we are living large or small, we all have a limited amount of space in our homes. For people living in a small apartment or a home with no

garage, basement or attic, carving out space for storage can be challenging. A 10’x10’ storage unit can be the perfect solution in these instances:

·         Home renovations: store your furniture and accessories such as lamps and rugs while your home is undergoing construction projects.

·         Job relocation: place your household goods into storage while you find housing in your new location. Or if you are relocating overseas temporarily, store your belongings until you are ready to return home.

·         Seasonal storage: an extra space to store holiday decorations, patio furniture, grills and lawn equipment during the off-season can come in handy and clear out space. Now you can have the guest bedroom ready for company or park your car in the garage.

·         Change in family size: if you are having a baby, adopting a child, or moving an elderly parent into your home, you may need to store furniture to make room for a nursery or extra bedroom. Or you may need to store the baby crib, clothing and toys until you are ready to grow your family again.

·       Combining households: if you have decided to get a roommate, or if you are getting married, or moving in with your parents and combining two households, a storage space can hold what your new living situation cannot accommodate.


Extra storage for your business

Lots of people take advantage of storage space to help them with their businesses. Whether you have an office or your business is home-based, you

could benefit from a 10’x10’ storage unit if you find yourself in one of the following situations:

·         Relocating your business

·         Needing storage for excess inventory

·         Closing an office because employees are now working from home

·         Needing to store office files, supplies, or boxes of swag you ordered for your annual fundraiser

Storing office equipment such as printers, computers, copy machines, desks and file cabinets

Extra storage for recreational equipment and supplies

Whether your family is outdoorsy, artsy, or fitness-minded, storage space can cover all the bases. Here are some of the instances in which storage could

 free up space in your home:

·         Storing items you use on the lake such as paddleboard, Skis & snowboards, kayak and more.

·         Storing winter gear such as snow skis, jackets and boots, sleds and snow blowers

·         Storing arts and crafts supplies as well as paintings or completed craft projects

·          Storing beach equipment such as coolers, umbrellas, lounge chairs and surfboards

·         Storing bicycles, motorcycles or golf carts and clubs 

·          Storing camping gear such as tents

A 10’x10’ storage unit is large enough to be affordable when compared to bigger units

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