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Move In & Out Tips


Here are instructions on how to use the roll-up door and cylinder lock.  We have included a YouTube video and pictures below to help with any trouble you are having using the roll-up door and cylinder lock.

To locate your unit number Click Here to see our facility map.  This will allow you to zoom in and out to locate your unit number.


To open up the door, step down on the door handle with your foot, while you slide the latch all the way to the left.  You will then be able to raise the door up.

Please use the cylinder lock and 3 keys left inside the unit to secure your unit before leaving.  This is a brand new lock and only you have the keys.  The package is unopened but has been cut at the top for your convenience to open the sealed package.


When you bring your door down, step down on the handle with your foot so you can slide the latch all the way to the right. Insert the key into the cylinder lock and turn the key to line up the locking mechanism on the back, so it is flush. Then insert your lock into the circular opening. Turn the key (while continuously keeping it pushed all the way in). Once it’s fully in and locked the key will slide out of the lock, as you pull back on it.  Please keep your unit locked when you’re away.


Provide us notice prior to the end of the month that you will not need your unit. You can schedule a move out date by calling us, dropping a note in with your payment, or email us at info@briarcliffstorageunits.com. The storage unit must be vacated (with lock removed) on or before the last day of the month for which rent has been paid and all terms and conditions of this agreement are met by the tenant.

The lock is yours to keep, we do not need it returned.  If you do not want to keep the lock and keys, you may leave them on the floor of your unit once you vacate.

Once the unit is empty and the lock is removed, let us know by stopping in the office, send a text, email, or call 865-221-8503.  We will perform a quick inspection and once the move out is processed, you will receive a move out receipt by email.  At that point auto-pay or any insurance purchased through us is automatically cancelled.